Personal View:My Thanksgiving tradition


Gelyan Santiago, Staff Reporter

For Thanksgiving people have a lot of different traditions, but my family and I have the best puerto rican tradition.Sometimes Thanksgiving makes me think of how I celebrated in Puerto Rico. We would have the best time ever with all of our friends and family.  This are some of the things I enjoyed doing the most on Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico.

One of our national tradition for Thanksgiving is to invite family or friends over. Sometimes our aunts/uncles come over here for the whole week. There are sometimes where we don’t know they are coming and they surprise us, but sometimes they don’t know that we are going so we surprise them. Its really cool since we hang out and go to places together. We enjoy everyday that they come to have Thanksgiving with us.

Another tradition is to make the best meal ever. We usually cook a puerto rican rice called “Gandules” (it is the most know food in Puerto Rico)  and we make “pernil” (another well known meat in PR) with smashed potatoes. That is actually my favorite meal for Thanksgiving. Sometimes we give some food to the neighbor since we always have a lot of left overs.

Every year we have something different. Kind of like a surprise meal. The funny thing about Thanksgiving meal is that if you’re puerto rican you eat the left over for a week or until they are done. We make different food combos with all the left overs such as sandwiches or a meat soup.

I love my traditions since they have to do with sharing moments with family and with friends. I always have the best time with them and i wish that’s how it would been every single day. This are my awesome Thanksgiving traditions! So, what are your favorite traditions?