Personal View: What I’m Thankful For.

Darien Thomas, Staff Editor



What I am thankful for is first and foremost I’m thankful for my family for everything they’ve done for me. My doggo Jacket the Shiba Inu is also something that I look forward to when I get home. I’m thankful for my journalism class because the experience I get from it, is great.


I’m thankful for my teachers who strive to give me and many others knowledge through varying subjects. I’m thankful for my friends, for being the best they could be. I’m thankful for my living conditions because my house is something I’d never want to lose because it’s dear to me.


The reason I’m thankful for all these things and above is because I’d probably not be who I was without them, so I believe it’s always good to reflect on the things you’re thankful for to see how great you’ve got it.


Like could you imagine yourself without the most vital thing in your life because I can’t, I imagine it would be very weird.


I’m also thankful for all turkey’s out there that provide stuffing and sustenance for families across the U.S on thanksgiving day. I dunno what we’d do without you turkey boys.


Now I believe I should leave you with this, what are you thankful for? And Why? Without it what would you be? Would you like that change?