Personal View: Three Things I am thankful for


Paige Freund, Staff Reporter

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate what you’re thankful for. Today I am going to list a few things I am thankful for. There is tons more, but these are the things that I can’t even explain how much they mean to me.

First, I am thankful for my family. They are so supportive and always make me feel special. Whenever I need some company I know I can count on them to be with me. I am so happy that I can be related to people like them.

Second, I am thankful for my friends. If I didn’t have my friends then I would live a pretty sad life. They make me so happy and laugh until tears come out of my eyes. They get me mad a lot, but we always find a way to forget the past and just live in the present together.


Last, I am thankful for my education. Everyone complains when it comes to going to school. Obviously I do it too, but I know some people that will say that they would give people in Africa their education because they don’t want it. More people should be thankful for their education because that’s how you’re gonna make money one day.