Personal view: What Im thankful for


Blake Thompson, Staff reporter

I’m thankful for everyone I care and love for (especially my dog) the reason I chose them well a lot of them because ya know I love and care for my whole family and some friends

My dog is someone I love a lot even if he’s just a dog he still loving,nice and funny really funny like if you say “wanna treat!” he’ll jump and run around the house its adorable.

I love my dad because he’s nice and he cares for me and all of my siblings he has a real big mean side but thats not his fault he’s a single dad with three kids  but me and my siblings cherish everything in him. My brothers and I like him. He’s chill, fun and really cool. I enjoy playing football or my PS4 with him. He’s that type of person that role-plays, so he makes every game seem realistic.

My sister is the only girl and the sassiest but move that to the side she’s fun, calm when not hyper or mad and also likes to watch tv with me so I cherish every moment we do watch tv together. My grandma and grandpa there really like really important to me the are what’s keeping going. When I do bad in school they try their best to help me. I love them a lot!.

My friends keep me occupied when I’m bored and they also help me with school work and there really fun and nice.

I know this is something I don’t really have to add because she’s my most important friend that’s a girl (because she’s not girlfriend) and I shouldn’t have to brag, but she’s nice beautiful and really really calm and sweet.


I care about every single one of them there something i never want to have to say bye to.