My Family’s Thanksgiving Traditions


Nicolas Dziewit, Staff Reporter

My Thanksgiving traditions aren’t that big, but they’re some fun stuff that we do.


First wake up like any morning and we go down the stairs to watch the Thanksgiving Parade (if we want to) which is pretty cool it gets kind of boring at some points. It’s just a bunch of floats that go down the street and people announce what they are. There was only one year were I actually watched the whole thing because I was like 7 and my mom wanted me to watch it really bad. The cool addition was there was a lot of cartoon characters which was what I was into back then.


Next, we find out what time everyone is coming over so my mom knows when to start making stuff, it usually doesn’t what time they come over because my mom is in the kitchen non-stop the day before and the day of Thanksgiving. We usually have Thanksgiving at my house, but a few times we went on a cruise for Thanksgiving which was really fun. It was depressing when it came to Thanksgiving on the ship because they didn’t have a feast on the ship we were on, but overall it was still really fun.  


After everyone is at our house we have about two hours for everyone to chill and relax and then the eating begins. The turkey is set in the middle of the table and everything else is set around it the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, corn, green beans, stuffing, and sometimes we have cornbread but not often. After a delicious dinner we all go upstairs to play a tournament of pool, the top two are usually my dad and my brother they’re both really good at pool sometimes someone else will win but the chances of that happening are really slim.


After we have the dedicated pool champion they get their choice on the first slice of deserts which, is pumpkin pie, chocolate pie or red velvet cake. I don’t really like pumpkin pie it just tastes really weird in my opinion. The chocolate pie is my favorite I don’t know what my mom uses in it but it is so good. Then red velvet cake is kinda in the middle it’s OK. The best thing about Thanksgiving in my opinion is just having the family coming to gather and be thankful for what we have.