personal view: this is what I am thankful for


Sarah Guidry

Personal view: I am  thankful for

 I am thankful for having a house to live in. I love that I have my own room in my so glad My house Has air conditioning.


I am thankful for Having a good education. I have a good school to go to. Where I can make friends. I also get to learn so many new things in a day.


I am grateful for having clean clothes to where. Some people are not able to have clean clothes,or any clothes at all. That is why I am thankful for it.


I am thankful for having a warm bad to sleep in. I get to have warm blankets ,and clean sheets. As well as a nice soft bed. It helps me get a good night sleep. It also helps me take great naps as well.


I am thankful for having clean fresh water. I get to have warm or cold water to shower in. I also get to drink water whenever I want. I usually only drink coffee and water so i’m glad that we always have some.


I am thankful for having having a store to shop at. To get clothes, makeup, food, drinks, and many more things. Their are so many different stores available to me.


I am thankful for having wifi. I get to come home sit down and watch youtube, netflix and do many other things. And I love netflix.


I am so happy to have the things I have. Being able to come home to water, coffee, a warm bed, clean clothes, and being able to get a good education.


There are people everywhere that are not able to have a lot of things, but being unthankful is not ever going to get you those things.


So honestly what is the point of being unthankful.