Personal View : Thanksgiving


Bre Johnson, Staff Reporter

My name is Bre Johnson and I am an 8th grade student. To me Thanksgiving is the most important holiday. It’s about spending time with friends and family and eating really good. Most people think that this holiday is all about the food but to me, I like to celebrate the pilgrims.

On Thanksgiving I usually eat the traditional food such as ham, macaroni,green beans, cornbread,pies,cakes, and so much more. Since I don’t like Turkey or dressing, I double up on the ham and macaroni because they are my favorite.

After the delicious food, we devour into the desserts. My sister and my Mom makes the best desserts in the world. My favorite is the Carrot Cake and the Pecan Pie. When I’m eating my regular food I always save room for my desserts.

The day after Thanksgiving, we usually put up our Christmas tree. I like doing this because it is fun and it puts me in the Christmas mood. Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday. Having a Christmas tree in my house makes my house feel like a home.