Fiction: Planet of Darkness-Chapter 2

Pip was Lyra’s only friend. She had known him almost all of her life.

Lyra had met Pip when she tried to steal from his restaurant years back. But he had shown only kindness. He had never ratted her out to the Ezzers or kicked her out of his restaurant.

Lyra sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, her back aching from the hard ally floor. She heard the nearby bustle of the morning crowds. Vendors calling out to passersby trying to sell their goods, children crying, hammers ringing on anvils, and people chatting with one another.

Lyra loved to watch the crowds go by. She knew the name of every peddler and what they sold. She knew the smell of every spice and where it came from, knew every shop, stall, and restaurant.

Most thought that the homeless didn’t learn, but Lyra had learned more than most. Though not about history, culture or anything like that. Lyra had learned about the city. People, places, how to survive.

But the Ezzzers made it more difficult than it should have been. They were the Queen’s soldiers. But they acted more like thugs.

The Queen. She was known throughout all the galaxy. And not for good reasons. No one knew much about her, only that she was cruel and only cared for herself. Every few months she would pluck fifty people from their lives and dump them on the dark planet.

No one lasted a year.

Lyra opened the door to Pip’s restaurant and was greeted by the friendly chime of the bell above the door.

“Pip? you there?” Lyra called out across the empty building.

She heard the clunk of something falling in the back room. Then a harsh whisper that sounded nothing like the voice of Pip.

“Pip?” She said. “I everything alright?”

The double doors that led to the back room swung open, but Pip didn’t walk out. Three red uniformed Ezzers marched out of the doors.

Lyra gasped.”What have you done to Pip?” she said in a deadly quiet voice.

“He is fine. Sedated, but fine.” Said the one with the most badges on his chest.

What?!” Lyra yelped.

“And he will remain fine if you come with us quietly.” He countered.

Lyra balled the hands into fists. “Never.”

The Ezzer sighed. “Alright, have it your way.”

The soldier on the left raised a small pistol and pulled the trigger. A small dart flew from the gun to Lrya’s arm and She collapsed, unconscious.