Personal View: What I’m Thankful For


Tamyra Daniels, Staff Reporter

I am thankful for a lot of things especially the things I have today. I am very thankful for my family,because they always support me and push me to go further than I think I can go. Whenever I need inspiration all I have to do is look around and my creativity goes berserk with the things I can write about or things I can make with just my imagination. I’m thankful for my best friends Terrell and Rebekah. They have been by my side since the beginning and have never been rude or talked behind my back. They care for them. I don’t feel like their friends they are more like family to me and I would give myself up over them.  I also am thankful for my Math, Journalism, and Workshop teachers. They are always ready to help me whenever I need it and wants their students to succeed. I am really thankful for my math teacher Mrs.Hecox, because she doesn’t care who you are she just wants the best for you in every shape or form. She cares for me and all of her students just like we are her own and I am very thankful she can be there when I need her most. Those are things I am most thankful for.