Be Thankful on Thanksgiving


Gabriel Holzwarth, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is important to everybody in the U.S, it’s to be thankful for everybody and everything you have in your life. Its special to realize that you have what a lot of people don’t, such as food, a home, clothes, or some even a family. And people are struggling with this life that they have before them. Thanksgiving means alot to me too because i always felt down a lot  until i realized that my life is amazing compared to other peoples without a home or with a disease or are just laying in the hospital right now and can’t be with their families and sitting at home alone. But everybody has something to be thankful for even the ones that don’t have a lot in their lives. It’s time to realize what you really have and not focus on the things that you don’t have like the iphone X, or the new toy, whatever you might want but don’t see that you have what’s keeping you alive.


Be thankful for what’s around you because it’s worth more than you think. You’re family could be the best things that can ever happen to you. Maybe even you’re friends and people you can count thankful for everything that you have and its worth and means more to you that you could ever imagine . appreciate what you have because you will never know when it could all disappear.