My Thanksgiving Traditions


Yvea Minor-Smith, Staff Repoter

Families all over the world celebrate thanksgiving. They also have many  traditions, but they’re all not going to be the same. My family may have some of the same  traditions as yours. Here are a few.

First the most cliche of the traditions ,is a big feast for Thanksgiving dinner. What is included in this Thanksgiving dinner you maybe asking well, there is the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, greens (Which I personally don’t enjoy.), Baked mac and cheese, and I can’t forget my favorite thing for dinner fried stuffing balls. The name may throw you off a bit , but trust me when I say it is the best thing ever and that’s why it is the second tradition my family has.

Fried stuffing balls is very self explanatory. All it is, is just stuffing rolled up into a ball , next you put some bread crumbs on it, then you fry the stuffing balls and then you can enjoy.This is a new tradition that we started last year and we got this idea from an episode of “The Goldbergs”.

My mom and I were watching it and this guy was frying everything for his Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner and he fried stuffing and my mom said that it sounded good, so she made some from her own recipe.

My third tradition is kind of my own tradition and may be viewed as lame, but I enjoy it. My third tradition is that I watch Hallmark Christmas movies all Thanksgiving break every single day, yet it’s not even Christmas. I love romantic comedies and I love Christmas, so when you put that together you Hallmark Christmas movies all season long. The reason it is not a family tradition is, because I’m the only one watches them. I mean my mom may watch one with me.

The last tradition is spend time together while you have each other’s company. My does a lot after thanksgiving like we went to the movies, played a few games together. My brother and I actually get along during this time of the year which is a surprise because of the 4 year age gap. If you take away all the problems your family is going through there are always good moments to remember.