Personal View : Thanksgiving 2k17


Alicia Orage, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is such an amazing holiday. You get to spend beautiful time with your family and friends. You get to eat a whole lot of sweets and delicious food. You can’t have a great thanksgiving without a great buffet of food.

On the fourth Thursday of November, Everyone in America gets around for Thanksgiving day and stuffs their face with food. It has been a national holiday for a while. Our president has turkey too.

I am most grateful for my mom and my sister. They have been with me through a lot. I love that we all get along and have an amazing time. I always help my mom make the food cause i love making food.

Im grateful for my family too. They all live in South Carolina. I love spending Thanksgiving there. My grandma makes the best food. It’s just memories that stay forever, all your family members getting along.

I’m so very grateful and thankful for my bestfriend. She’s always been there for me and i do appreciate her a lot. It’s not always when you can just find your real best friend. Im 100% sure that i found mine. She is like a sister to me. Im very glad to call her my best friend.


For thanksgiving i had Turkey ,dressing, sweet potato pie, green beans, ham and cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce is my favorite to eat with dressing. I love eating all the food. It’s just too delicious to waste. The only thing i don’t eat is Macaroni and cheese but it’s too cheesy.


Thanksgiving isn’t only for Americans. Anyone and Everyone can eat whatever they want. I love seeing what other people had for Thanksgiving cause people eat different things. When i become older i want to be able to go to a shelter and feed the homeless. It’s amazing act of kindness.