Personal view: My Thanksgiving Traditions


    Each year for Thanksgiving we all go to my grandma’s house. This year was even more fun because my aunt just had her baby.

When we get to my grandma’s house all we do is hang out and help finish getting the food ready. When the food is ready we pray. When we are done praying the little kids go and get their food.


While we are eating we talk about everything we have been up too. When we are done eating we help my grandma clean up. Most of the time after eating we will all sit and talk about what we are going to do for Christmas.


When we are done talking about Christmas plans we will all go and do something outside. Then we will come in and eat some dessert.We pick out a lot of dessert.


While eating dessert we will just talk and play around. After that my grandma gets the leftovers for us to get ready to take them home.


When my grandma finishes that we all get ready to leave because it’s an hour car ride. That’s what my family does on Thanksgiving.