Personal View: What I’m Thankful For

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Damian Caballero, Copy Editor

For all my life I have been told to be thankful and to say thank you whenever someone gave you something or did something you asked for. I’m pretty sure that almost all of us were raised like that. So here i am. I decided to make a list of some things I am thankful for and also why I am thankful for them.


1)Memes: I am thankful for memes because memes raise my spirits when I’m down and because for some reason they are always relatable. I could sit here for hours and put all the memes i have downloaded onto this but I don’t have the time for that so let me tell you some of my favorite memes.

  1. Oh sh*t boy waddup (frog on the tricycle)
  2. Pepe the froge
  3. shibe/doge


2) Friends: My whole life i have been a shy person. Unless we become really good friends then you know who I truly am. I have had many friends throughout the years but only 6 of them have gotten my COMPLETE and I mean COMPLETE trust from me. Some of them I have lost contact with sadly but I know that one day I will see them again.


3)Family: I am thankful for my family because they shaped who I am today even though I became a procrastinator and a weeb I am still thankful. Sometimes they are the cause of my misery and sometimes they make it go away like when you run at pigeons. I really love my family.


4)Music: Ah, one of the many things I enjoy doing is listening to music. Especially when i am feeling depressed. I enjoy many types of music such as rock, R&B, soul music, rap and whatever genre emo music is. Just like I made a list for all my favorite memes I will now make a list of my favorite singers and bands.

  1. The eden project
  2. Slipknot
  3. Twenty One Pilots
  4. Linkin Park
  5. Kendrick Lamar
  6. J Cole
  7. Avenged Sevenfold

Of course this isn’t all of the people that I enjoy listen to but I thought you should know a list of all the things i am thankful for.