Personal View: What I Am Thankful For

Alivia Cooper, Staff Reporter

By: Alivia Cooper


I am thankful for many things, and, to be honest there are a lot of things I take for granted. But, this time I am going to count everything. And “everything” includes:

Family, Friends, My pets, and all of those tiny acts of kindness.


I am thankful for family because they have always been there for me, protecting me from the smallest things to the biggest. And letting me fend for myself when they know a good life lesson awaits.They raise me and encourage my strengths, and cure my  weaknesses. They raise me to be prepared for life and to be protected from the things that just don’t need to be said. They teach me the good and bad things life brings, and the good and bad ways to handle it.


I am thankful for my friends because they always pick me up when I feel down, and lift me even higher when I feel fine. Whenever I am crying, or sad, they already have a shovel out to bury the person who made me feel that way. If I didn’t have friends I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My friends guide me through the dark times with a little candle, that may seem small to others, but is my sun.


I am thankful for my pets because whenever I am sad, or mad, or bored they are always there being so cute that I forget everything I was thinking, and start playing with them. They always are there, and to be truthful, some people overlook their wonderful pets because they are too busy with life, but for me, I always take life to my ever present pets.


I am thankful for all of those tiny acts of kindness because almost every year I over look one of the most important thing of all.The world would be full of hatred if it weren’t for all of those people out there who give kindness more than they get it. But kindness is always there even in the crazy dark.