Personal View:How My Thanksgiving Was Turned To A Pie War




Personal View:Thanksgiving

By:Trinity Townsend

My thanksgiving consists of pecan and pumpkin pie baking contest,and the winner gets to take all of the pies home with them.Last year I won because I put so much cinnamon and barely any salt in my pumpkin pie,although I think my grandpa just didn’t want me to feel bad because I saw him make a face when he swallowed a bite of my pumpkin pie,I think I put too much butter.


I usually eat eggs or bacon,mostly breakfast for Thanksgiving day. My parents take my brother and I go to my grandparents house and celebrate.That is when and where we make our Christmas lists for everyone in our family to look at.My Grandma on my Mom’s side usually gets us whatever we ask for so I make sure to put the most expensive or most wanted things on the list I give her rather than my Grandma on my Dad’s side who still gets me lots of stuff but forgets most of it.


My aunts always buy me art or fashion designing stuff so I never really ask for anything else from them.Braxton’s five so all he does is ask for gifts,not really consider them for others,just like for me.My parents just usually get me the things that I’ve asked for since the start of the year.


My uncle on my Mom’s side kinda just gets me what i want just like everyone else in my family so I never really limit what I put on the list for him.My entire family spoils my brother and I with gifts so I pretty much go with the reassurement that my family will get me what I want.