Personal view: Not my normal Thanksgiving


Emma Parker, staff reporter

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. It’s pretty self explanatory, I mean it’s in the title. Although that’s just one part of it, the tradition all around the world is to eat until you explode and and spend time with your family. It’s a great time to eat play games and have fun.


My family tradition was all of us get together and eat, but this year is a little different. Half of my family is going on a cruise and the other half is spending time somewhere out in Texas. Sadly, I’m in the half that’s somewhere out in Texas. I mean it’s fun to go some place else but it would’ve been a lot more fun to go on a cruise. I don’t really mind though because I’m going to be with my family.


My favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is ham. I just love the sweetness of the inside of the meat. Other things I like are turkey and stuffing. I don’t really like any of the traditional thanksgiving dessert, but we always buy one pie. We switch out the flavor of the pie every year. It started with cherry then apple then pumpkin then chocolate. This year it’s going to be chocolate pie. I’m excited for that because that’s the only pie I eat.


I’m thankful for so much this year like my family and friends and my pets. Although those are all things that I’m thankful for every year. Something I’m most thankful for this year is music. I’ve really got in touch with myself and found what type of music I like. I’m also thankful for a great school year so far.