Personal View: Top Three I Am Thankful For


Ti'Miah Jackson-Allen, Staff Reporter

Thanksgivings is always a time that makes me realize how grateful I am for the things and people i have around me.I’m very thankful that my family supports me with everything I do whether I fail or succeed and I’m grateful.

I’m glad I have my mom and dad here for me no matter what the situation is she’s always there for me and it’s best thing ever. My mom and dad are my best friends. I want to be able to provide for them later on in the future and buy them there dream house and cars.

I’ve been very blessed that I have the opportunities I do in order to be successful as I am in basketball.God has blessed me to recently go on a basketball college tour at The University Of Texas at Austin recently this month.I was happy because i was with my team and we got to meet the head coaches.

A great thing that happened me and my family is that this year we moved into our new house.Every since we haved moved everyone seems much happier and our family is close and, we do more family activities. Thanksgiving is always and always will be thankful for everything I have and my family but i I hope god continues to bless me.