Personal View: What I am thankful For


Kenedi Johnson, Staff Reporter


Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to give thanks. Everyone should be thankful for something in their lives. Everyone has special people in their life,  special items,or special memories.

I’m thankful that I have a safe home to come to everyday because some people don’t have that. Their  are people who don’t have a family to celebrate it with. There are homeless people who don’t have food and it’s  make me kind of sad .So we should always be grateful for just the little things.

I’m thankful that I have a loving family that supports me and all of my decisions. Even though I don’t always make the best decisions they’re always their  for me no matter what and I can always count on them for everything.

I’m thankful that I have great friends who I can be myself around and trust with almost everything. They’re cool to hang out with and do wild stuff with. If I didn’t have the friends that i do have in my life would be very boring.