Personal View: What I’m Thankful For


Davis Donicht, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving all started with being thankful back with the Pilgrims and the Native Americans at the very first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims were probably all thankful for surviving that long through the harsh winters. They were probably also thankful for the Natives helping them grow crops and catch fresh fish.


I’m thankful for all the music artists that I listen to on a daily basis. Their music helped me through some very tough times in school and at home. Even when I’m sad, mad, or tired their music helps me feel better again and to fall asleep and that I am very thankful for.


I’m also very thankful for the group of friends that I have here at Dobie. They pick me up when I’m down and always ask if I’m ok. When I was going through a rough time at home about two years ago they picked me back up on my feet and helped me every step of the way.


I’m thankful for going down to the coast or to a river to go fishing. It helps me get things off my mind and, just have a good time. Even if you don’t catch a thing you feel so relaxed and meet nice people along the way. When you get a fish and make a memory though, it can be the time of your life.


I will always be thankful for my family. No matter what hardship I go through i know my family will always be here for me to lean on and that is enough for me. They have been here for me since day one, and I can’t think of anything better to be thankful for than them.