Personal View: What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving


Ashleigh, Staff reporter

I know most people would say they that they are thankful for their family and friends, which I am blessed with such an amazing set of friends and family.  Most of all I am thankful for the life that me and my family get to live.


I go to a good school with good people and wonderful surroundings. I could somewhat say that my life has been pretty great. And thats what Im thankful for, my wonderful life.  Not everyone is blessed with an amazing set of family and friends. Not everyone will get a long prosperous life. Your life could be taken away at any moment, and that’s why I am so thankful for every moment I get to spend with my friends and family


. Thanksgiving is a time to be with your family and make new and amazing memories. Every minute you make a new memory and I’m thankful for the billions I have of my family. I cherish my family and all the wonderful times I get to spend with them. I am so thankful for them and my whole life.  Not everyone has the same opportunities but everyone gets a chance to make their life amazing because it’s filled with the best moments.