Personal View: Thanksgiving

Rebekah lorenzana, Staff Reporter

Everyone has a different perspective on the holiday Thanksgiving. Some celebrate it, but some don’t. It’s the day of the year where everyone comes around a dinner table and shares what they are thankful for.

Personally I think that being thankful for everything that is apart of your life one day of the year is just ridiculous. For me and my family Thanksgiving is about friends and family come together and enjoy a feast for dinner.

We say what we’ve been up to, how things are going. We talk to family members we hadn’t seen since last Thanksgiving. It’s practically a reunion more than just saying sappy things that you only ever say on this one day. I think it’s just ridiculous.

As annoying as I find the holiday, there are things I’m still very thankful for. Things such as my family,my friends, my best friends, my hometown, and some of my teachers. Everyday I am thankful for these wonderful people in my life.