Personal View: What should I be thankful for


Andrew Ortega, Staff Reporter

I am thankful for my family and how they are always there for me, the things they give too me not even asking, and that they put a roof over my head. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to the ones that love you.

You should treat everyday like it’s Thanksgiving except for the food part. Every other day you should just say thanks to your parents or guardian for all they’ve done for you. A simple “thanks Mom” could change the mood of the whole day. After all your parents are the ones that raised you, at least tell them they did a good job.

I am very thankful for the family I have and I am blessed to lived with, even in bad times my parents are always there for me, no matter the situation. I would be a totally different person without my family. My family makes me who I am. I am most grateful for my family.

Thanksgiving should be a time where you give back to the people that help you, love you, and that care for you. Friends can leave and go but family is always by  your side, you should be thankful for that.