Personal View:A lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving


mona casas, staff reporter


This Thanksgiving we have many things to thank everyone around us for.

Let all of us just be thankful for the fact that we are here right now.I am thankful for each and every day i’m able to be provided with food, drink, shelter, and a family that loves me.I’m grateful for my parents that are able to buy me the stuff they do ,and I love the amazing friends I have.

I am extremely lucky to be able to get an education. Though some of us may take it for granted, when you get older you’ll realize the reason you have a good paying job and you’re able to support your family is because you got that education at the time, you may not have wanted.

Next, I am completely & utterly grateful for my two best friends Aidiana Hernandez and Lauren Gray. I have been friends with lauren for almost 3 years and Aidiana for almost 2. There is not a difficult time I have gone through without them nor a time I didn’t ask them for advice. We are always laughing together and we have too many inside jokes to count. I’m just grateful for everything they do for me.

Last but not least, i’m very thankful my parents. I know I mentioned it already, but my parents work their hardest to provide me with everything i want. I love and appreciate everything they do for me and my friends.