Personal View: My First week at Dobie was cool


Alessandra Aladzeme, Staff Reporter

Hi student body of Dobie Middle School. My name is Alessandra and I’m new in the school and I came from the Northeast School District. The school where I moved from is John. H. Wood Middle School in San Antonio.

My parents bought a new house and we just moved the weekend before this one. When my parents told me that we were moving I was mad, shocked, and sad because we had been living in San Antonio for more than a year so I already a school I knew well and a lot of friends.

Coming to Dobie and being new is hard because I don’t know the people here and compared to my old school this is very crowded with kids, the rules are different, and it’s also scary because I don’t know the teachers and my number one goal in school is getting straight A’s so I can go to a very good college.

Being new is always hard  but what I can do is give the best of me and just be friends with people who want to be my friends because they like my personality, and don’t care about how I look or how I dress; and although It just have been my first week in this school I can say that I’m getting used to being a Dobie student.