Personal view: My first day at dobie


Kloe Price, Staff reporter

Hi my name is the Kloe Price, I came from Tex Hill Middle School. Tex Hill was an awesome  school there where so nice and welcoming there. I moved a lot because we were a military family. My dad was in the military he was a part of the Army branch. He also was in the Navy but shortly went to the Army.

November 29,2107 was my first day of school here at Dobie. I met so many amazing and nice people. My first day was pretty good. Dobie has to be one of the best schools I been to because it was so welcoming here and there so organized. At my old school it was very unorganized and messy, especially when it was early release.

On my first day I went here I just went to 4 classes on in which was lunch. When I first came here and they told me lunch was a class period I was confused. At my old school lunch wasn’t counted as a class period it was just lunch. At Tex Hill the school lunches were horrible and the made people sick. We did even have a snack bar here we have a snack bar.

It’s so awesome when there’s a snack bar. I’m not a big meal person I prefer snacks over a meal. Lunch is awesome, the only thing I don’t get about lunch is that we can’t sit anywhere we have to sit with our teams, at my old school we got to sit where ever we want.

My first day at Dobie was good.