New Play on December 13: It’s an Okie Dokie Life

Production scheduled for December 13!

The new play at Dobie is called It’s an Okie Dokie Life! The story is about a guy who is finding out his meaning in life and how he helps others. There is going to be two plays. One for 7th grade and one for 8th grade. The play is going to be in the Dobie cafeteria on December 13 at 6 p.m. for 8th grade and 6:30 pm for 7th grade. Tickets are $1 for students with ID and $2 for adults and students without ID’s. Please support theater and watch the play!

8th grade cast:

Hildegarde- Reese Christenson

Susannah- Gillian Graver

Joe- Jason Dobbins                                  Stand-in- Max Belbin

Young Betsy- Brenna Cockerill

Older Betsy- Taryn Cooper

Young Mitzi- Marie Fahlsing

Older Mitzi- Chloe Anderson

Little Joe- Reese Evans

Young Mary Lou- Daisy Dawson

Older Mary Lou- Andrea Cannell

Oliver Parsnip III- Cole Rooney

Townspeople (BOTH SHOWS)- 1st: Cameron Carroll (Leroy), 2nd: Sarah Swink (Ethel May), 3rd: Carina Ethier (Bernadette), 4th: Niya Edwards (Muriel), 5th: Ashlynn Gaskin, 6th: Ariah Gee

7th grade cast:

Hildegarde- Alissa Harris

Susannah- Nadia Reyes

Joe- Jason Dobbins                                 Stand-in- Reese Evans

Betsy- Piper Kempe

Mitzi- Bridget Fanning

Little Joe- Max Belbin

Mary Lou- Daisy Dawson

Olivier Parsnip III- Kevin Leal Morales

Understudies (BOTH SHOWS):

Chloe Anderson- Susannah

Brenna Cockerill- Hildegarde

Taryn Cooper- Betsy

Alina Bell- Ethel May

Carina Ethier- Mary Lou


Stage Manager- Seraphim Wright                                            Make Up- Ashleigh Garcia

Set Design/Build- Deja’nae Jones                                              Publicity-Desiree Villenueva

                                  Crissy Cantu                                                                  Tiarazene Smith

                                  Jaizelynne Biggs                                                           Jazmin Hall

                                  Trinity Norton

Props- Oliver Eggleston                                                           Lights- Tristen Nichols

             Claire Rodriguez                                                                         Alissa Harris

Costumes- Annie Hiebert                                                         Sound- Daniella Molina

                    Joslynn Trevino                                                                    Brady Holcomb

                    Jacob Mendoza