Personal View: Testing For My Candidate Brown Belt, Was Nerve-raking


Renee Jessen, Staff Reporter

I was really nervous for this belt testing, because it was the first time I would be testing with the adults. The school day passed really fast, and it freaked me out. I was scared that I wouldn’t pass, because I didn’t remember some of the techniques and I didn’t know 1 of the techniques at all.

We started off with 20 people at testing. We warmed up and got started with the test. We started with kicks, when the beginner belts didn’t know anymore kicks they sat off to the side. That’s when my test really started. I had to do a normal spin heel kick,  a low spin heel kick, Waging Antadi. That was easy then I to do a low spin heel kick, high spin heel kick, and then a jumping spin heel kick without stopping. That wasn’t so easy.

Then we started testing on hands, the other belts joined us for this. We started with the easy stuff, (punches,elbows,blocks,etc.) Then we started on the harder stuff (Cover Series, Jinngi Quan, Junngi Quan,etc.) The beginner belts sat down for that. I was a lot easier than the kicks.

Next we did forms, I had to do 6, the white belts stayed sitting. I did Khipshi Jung (that has 6 parts to it), with the yellow belts first, then the yellow belts sat down. Then I had to do Ilchi Jung (that has 3 parts to it),  Wo Chi Jung (that has only 1 part to it), Dombi Jung, short stick form, (Has 2 parts to it), Then Shipshi Jung into Jung Ji Jung, there separate forms but we always test with them together. That was really tiring.

After we did forms the white belts finished there test with falls and then went home.

We then started our techniques, We did Ki Bon Su (their are 15 of them), first so that the yellow belts could finish their test and  go home. After we them, the yellow belts did their falls and they went home. Then I had to do Jung Up Samoxsu (there are 7 of those) I did those on Gordon, a 7th grader. I did Kun Deli On, Samoxsu, Upway Boxsu( I didn’t remember that one) to Mr. Brian, he’s around 35 years old. I was being tortured when Mr. Brian was doing his techniques to me.

After we did techniques, the higher ranks did Two Man, while I did staff (15 of those). After that I had to wait for them to finish Two Man and Sword.

After that we did falls, and cart wheels (2 handed, 1 handed, and jumping). We bowed out of the test, there was only 4 of us left, and we went home. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one in February. On Sunday, I found out that I passed my test, I am now a Candidate Brown Belt.