Dobie Winter Dance Coming Soon


Olivia McBride and Matthew Willis

This year Dobie’s Fall dance is scheduled for December 8. The dance’s theme is “Sparkling Night”. Madilyn Morris, a student council member, said student council members have been working hard to get the word out and prepare decorations.  “The purpose of the dance is just to have fun, I think people should come to the dance because you can hang out with your friends and have fun,” she said.

Many girls say they will most likely dress up like in a black glittery dress to match the theme; for the boys, a black Polo or something along those lines.

The fall dance is organized by the Dobie Student Council members. Alexia Moreland, student council member, said she is very excited for the dance because of all the hard work they are putting in.  “My biggest accomplishment so far with this dance has to be the hard work all of us are putting into these decorations, it is extremely time consuming but when you want something hard enough you put forth the effort to achieve your goals,” she said.

Students can purchase tickets for $3 during lunch. Tickets can also be purchased for $5 at the door on the night of the dance. Dress code applies  with the same rules as if a school day.

Remember the dance is this Friday, so don’t miss out!