One for the history books: Snow in Cibolo

Last big snow was in 1987


Mrs. P.J.

Dobie students play the morning after it snowed.

Taryn Cooper and Anayah Butler

Snow? In Cibolo? Yes, it happened! On December 7 2017, it snowed! It wasn’t much snow, especially for people who have lived in other places, but many Cibolo locals felt like they were in a winter wonderland of magic and excitement. The last time it snowed in San Antonio was January 1987 with 1.3 inches of snow. Photos and videos of fun in the snow — making snow men, snow angels and playing snow ball fights, were shared on social media and text that night and the next morning. Some students even played in front of Dobie in the melting snow. School was not closed or delayed on December 8 as many hoped. Watch our video and read what some Dobie students said about their experience below. 

Haleigh McFarland, 8th grader, said she was super excited when she saw the snow. She said she was at Cici’s Pizza around 6:30  with her mom, dad and brothers when she saw it. She was so excited even though she wasn’t wearing “snow clothing”. Just wearing a single jacket and some boots, McFarland started taking photos and throwing snowballs.

Wesley Mann, 8th grader, said he was at Randolph gym and played in the snow in just a tank top and shorts. Though McFarland said she saw the snow at 6:30 p.m., Mann said he didn’t see the snow until around 8:00. Stunned and amazed, Mann and his dad threw snowballs at each other.

Bre Johnson, 8th grader, didn’t know there was snow at first, “I was on FaceTime with a friend and my dad called and told me there was snow,” she said. Bre was with her siblings and threw snowballs at them when she first saw the snow. She was super excited and hadn’t seen snow in 10 years! Bre didn’t expect snow at all, “I wasn’t expecting it. I had on a hoodie, shorts and red nike slides.”

Alicia Orage, 8th grader, said she was at home when she became happy and excited! Seeing the snow around 9:00 p.m. Orage, her sister and her niece played around in the snow with no snow clothes and only a jacket. After she saw the snow, she went inside to watch Netflix.

Experiencing snow in Cibolo could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Students, staff and their families were beyond excited about the snow and some even stayed home the next day to play an extra day in the snow.