Personal View: The School Dance Has Got Me Excited


Brea Mars, Reporter

Yes! The dance. The thing that I have been waiting for. The first dance of the school year. Last year, when I first went to the dance my heart was pounding with excitement and nervousness. I was prepared to see my friends and dance and hang out. This year is no different. I am just the same. Excited, nervous, and extremely happy.

Every time I think about the dance I feel butterflies in my stomach. I can not WAIT to see my friends in their outfits having fun and dancing. I plan on dancing with my sister from another mister Symantha Noel. She is the most fun person to ever dance with. Last year we had a blast. We danced together, spun each other around, and ate the same food. This year, I hope the fun doesn’t stop.

I have a couple of new friends that I would like to hang out with too. The dance is a social event for people who just want to dance, like me, or just hang out with their friends. My animated adventure last year was great. The second dance is where I had the most fun. There was a dance competition and a Limbo competition. The events that took place were great.

I can only hope that this year, everything is similar. I wish for everything that happened last year to happen again, but not the same. I also wish for the new 7th graders to have the greatest times of their lives. I can tell that this year’s dance will be great.