Personal view: Christmas at my house


maya zola, reporter/copy editor

In my column about my Halloween decorations I said, “wait till Christmas”, and it’s beginning to look like Christmas at my house.  The day after Thanksgiving, November 25, the Christmas tree came out. My parents put the tree up, my dad put the lights and garland on, then I put the ornaments on. Then my mom started to get the rest of the decorations out from the attic.

Whenever my parents have free time they would be working on getting the yard decorated. They would start to get the Santa workshop out to put together. When my mom was making the Santa workshop sign she forgot to put the “s” in workshop, so it says workhop. The Santa workhop is about 3 ft tall. If you’re small enough you could get the door of the workhop and sit in it.

Some other decorations that we have for the yard are some poles with red and white stripes. There are big spheres on the top of the poles. There are small sticks that go through the middle of the  poles. One stick with a north pole sign while the other stick has a reef on it.

Besides the Santa workhop and the poles, we have small reindeer in our yard. They’re made out of wood. They have small pom-pom balls for noses. These are bought and then assembled. These reindeer are a new addition to the yard for this year.   

In our neighborhood we have decoration contest. First place gets $100, second place gets $75, and third place gets $50. Each winner also gets a sign in their yard saying which place they got. Last year my house got 3rd place and we’re hoping to do better this year.