Personal View: Why Christmas is boring

Personal View: Why Christmas is boring

Salvador Ramos, Staff Reporter

One reason I think Christmas is boring is because we never do anything fun and I always get bored. Mom never really gets my sisters or me good presents, for example last year my sister got our Mom a $100 purse and she got nothing for my sister except ugly clothes. All I want for Christmas is a new phone and to be honest I don’t even think she is going to get me that. As for my Dad he never even gets me anything.

When I get invited to a Christmas party from my friends I can’t even go because my parents don’t even let me go. Apparently you’re supposed to spend time with your family I think that is stupid. The only time when I can go to a party its my cousins party filled with a ton of little kids that are just annoying.

Every single year I just wanna break down and start laughing at how annoying and boring life is for me at the current moment in time. Sadly I can’t because other people’s Christmas or whatever they celebrate is probably way worse than mine. Anyways I am not here to tell you to be grateful because if your Christmas is any worse than mine than I am not going to tell you to be grateful.

Another reason I think Christmas is so boring, is decorating my mother always makes me decorate the ugly Christmas tree. Now recently my family got a new tree it looked great until my mom started putting ugly ornaments and it just looks like Christmas trow up on it, thank god I fixed it. We don’t even have Christmas traditions, that is why I think Christmas is so boring but at least it is not school.