Personal View: My Favorite Part Of Christmas Is The Music


Aaron Jennings, Staff Reporter

By: Aaron Jennings

My favorite part of Christmas is the music. I love the happy upbeat songs about snow and Santa. I love when they play Christmas music on Tv shows, like Glee. When shows have Christmas specials the music is amazing, sometimes the characters sing them.

A great part of Christmas songs is the diversity: they can go from really loud to soft and angelic. For example “Jingle Bell Rock” is very loud and upbeat while “Silent Night” is a soft quiet song. My favorite song is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” when the cast of Glee sings it.

Here is a little bit of background information, the first Christmas songs were sung in Europe thousands of years ago. They were all religious songs about Jesus Christ. According to, Silent Night is the most recorded Christmas song of our generation. Compared to in the past, less Christmas songs are about the birth of Christ. Songs are more about Santa, presents, and trees. Personally, I prefer the Santa ones, because they remind me of being younger and giggly all the time. Also, I’m not religious so I don’t understand the ones about Christianity