Dobie students Christmas wish list

Dobie students Christmas wish list

Madelyn Cordova , Reporter

Many people want many things for Christmas. Some people say they don’t want anything but we all know that isn’t true.Many couples try to figure out what each other want.Many kids this year want money so they can get things they want.Most people want shoes and clothes.“I want Vans and clothes because I like the style of it,” said Leila Johnson.

Most people like to open some presents on Christmas eve because their parents are working on Christmas day.”I open one Christmas present on Christmas eve,”said Leila Johnson. Most people like to open their gifts in the morning because you get to play with them all day and hang out with family towards the end of the day.

But some people want different things than clothes and shoes. “I want the book wonder because I want to read it first then watch the movie,”said Aaron Jennings. “I want a puppy because my parents got rid of my last dog,”said Leah Biche.

Even though we get all excited about presents many people don’t like what they are going to get. “I don’t want just money I would rather just open presents,”said Leah Biche. “ I don’t want lotion,because i have a lot and people don’t choose the right one,” said Leila Johnson. “I don’t want a dog because I already have two dogs,” Haden Crain.