Fiction: You shouldn’t be down here

Fiction: You shouldnt be down here

maya zola, reporter/copy editor

Last week my new sister came home finally. My parents adopted her. Her name is Ally. Ally doesn’t seem right. She seems too strange. Ally is pale white, with dark hair, dark circles around her eyes, and barely talks, and she looks way older than my parents say she is (15). All she says is “good morning mother, father, and Kenny,” or, “good night mother, father, and Kenny.” Those are the only things she says.

She always stays in her room too. Ally will only come out for food and school. Whenever she is in her room i hear loud noises. I’ve decided to act sick today to stay home and to investigate her room while she’s at school. I walk into her room. I look around and find nothing. It’s just magazines, clothes, and well, normal teenage girl things. i wasn’t completely sure of what I saw; I knew there was more to Ally.

I go to the back of her room. I go to her closet and move some things around, then I see a door. But why? Why was there a secret door in the back of her closet? It opens. The door has a stair case going down underground. Where does it lead to? With all these questions roaming through my head i walk down the stairs.

There was a large room. It was like a lab. I start to look around some more. Then I found my face! Multiple ones, but with different facial expressions. I move around the large room and start to take pictures. There is a large screen. They are camera screens. Ally has cameras all around the house!

The screen also had research about robots. I’m so confused. Why would Ally have multiple different facial expressions of my face? Why cameras? What was Ally planning to do? A hand then touches my shoulder. It was Ally. “You shouldn’t be down here,” she says.

I wake up the hours later. Was it all a dream? I rush to Ally’s room. Everything’s gone! The door’s no longer there. The pictures! I look at my phone and it’s all still there. I ask my parents what happened to Ally. They said that they have never known any body named Ally.

What happened? I knew i wasn’t dreaming. It was like Ally never existed, but she did.