Personal view: Living with a Varsity football brother is hard


Vaun Natalroman, Staff Reporter

We all have our typical siblings, they annoy us, make us happy, or downright mad. Sometimes though when living with a varsity football player it gets stressful.

When living with a Varsity Football player  it’s hard. You’re expected to always go to your sibling’s game every Friday and that’s not bad it really isn’t. I see my older brother, Vincent, as a good role model of what i want to be in life. While my brother may not always be the nicest person he’s definitely what a good brother is.

My older brother is a 6’1 gargantuan 221 lb brother so occasionally he overpowers me . He’s a varsity senior football and track player at Steele High School. Me and my family are always excited to go to his games and when Steele makes it to the finals or semi-finals, family from all over come to see him play. My brother and I have a lot in common we both like the same food,movies, tv shows, and more. I just think that I’m really lucky to have a brother like I do.

While may not be as strong or as skilled and smart I’m happy that my brother Vincent always looks out for me, help me with school, and while he is soon to be in the army he is a great brother and I think everyone should have a brother like him. I like this quote because I know that like god and Jesus my brother will always be there to help even in the darkest of times. “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to god. And the peace of god which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. “  Philippians 4: 6/ 7.