Personal View: Cheering at the first basketball game


David Staton , Staff Reporter

It’s November 31 2017, and all the cheerleaders are to cheer excited, nervous, and have mixed emotions of the first basketball game of the season. The cheerleaders had different uniforms from football season, it was a long sleeve shirt and the skirt. My uniform is a really tight long sleeve shirt with pants. I was totally embarrassed to come out of the locker room because the shirt was way different from football season. When I came out of the locker room everybody smiled and I felt confident.

The time came down to go to the gym and “Group A” warmed up and it only consists of 6 people because there is limited room in the gym. We didn’t have any problems unlike last year.

When it’s halftime and the basketball players take a break, we go out in the middle of the court and do a cheer. I tumble when the stunt group goes up and I do two tumbling passes and to end the cheer I do a jump then to back handspring.

When I tumble  the crowd goes crazy and gets a lot of people’s attention. I switch in & out from the stunt group, so I don’t lose my stunting skills. My tumbling is one of the key factors of making the team and keeps me going because there is not a lot of boy cheerleaders.