Personal view: The winter play was fun


The winter play this year is called its an ookie dokie life. It is a angel, Susanah , trying to do a good deed to earn her wings.

She goes through a lot of  obstacles and challenges trying to earn her wings. She has to help a depressed guy who upsets a lot of people she ends up helping a lot.

I play a character who is very hard at work her name is Hildegarde and she trains Susanah in trying to earn her wings.She is kinda bossy and rude to Susanah.

The play is a feel-good play. It has a happy ending and it is very entertaining. The play is about christmas, but it is also set in the west.

There is two settings in the plays. One setting is in heaven and the other is in the wild west. The angels are in heaven and the southern people are in the wild west.

In the play the angel and depressed man,Joe, look in the past and see why joe is worth living and how he helps people. Joe thinks he is not worthy to live and he doesn’t help anyone, but he soon finds out that he actually helps a lot of people.