Sexual Harassment: The disgusting truth


Lauren Gray, Mona Casas, and Aidiana Hernandez

Sexual Harassment has been a big issue. Some just don’t know their limits. Based on surveys 1,965 students in grades 7-12th have experienced sexual harassment. Overall, every 98 seconds an American is sexually harassed.

Whenever you think of sexual harassment , you think of girls. Surprise, surprise guys get sexually harassed too. Even though girls get sexually harassed more than guys, there are still great amounts for both sides. 78% of guys get sexually harassed and 83% of girls.

Most students assume that sexually harassing other people is okay because “it’s funny” or “I like them so it’s cool”. It isn’t okay to touch other people without permission in inappropriate ways.

If you ever have sexually assaulted someone or have even thought about doing it, don’t. Some people get PTSD or even commit suicide. It is not considered a joke.

If you have been sexually assaulted make sure you’re in a safe place and that you’re comfortable with the people you’re around. What happened wasn’t your fault. Something happened that you didn’t want to happen- and that’s not okay.

Here are ways you can get help. If it happened at school you should tell an administrator. If it is much more serious tell the sexual assault hotline, 800-656-4673.  Make sure you also alert a guardian or a person you’re close with.

It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but if you don’t let them know it’s wrong they’ll continue doing it and it could get much more serious. You could prevent it from happening to other girls also.

Sexual harassment in any way shape or form is not okay. Tell a trusted authority and make sure it never happens again.