Personal View: What I want for Christmas

Personal View: What I want for Christmas

Bryan Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

One thing I want for Christmas is an Iphone 7. I want it because I have a Iphone 5s right now. It’s really old and doesn’t work very well anymore.


Another thing that I want for Christmas is new clothes and new shoes. Honestly, who doesn’t want to get new shoes. They make you feel more confident when you have them on instead of having old crusty shoes. Same goes with new clothes.


The third thing I want is money. With money I can do whatever I want with it. For example I could buy whatever I didn’t get that was on my Christmas list.


One of the other things I want is an apple watch. I want one because I like watches and this watch can do almost everything a phone can do. So I would wear it everyday and get the maximum usage out of it.


These are all the things I want for the Christmas of 2017. Merry Christmas to all!