Teacher spotlight: Insight on Ms.Jordiin

Ms.Jordiin is one of Dobie’s favorite teachers. She is currently a seventh grade social studies teacher. She has taught eighth grade in the past and in total has taught for 14 years all at Dobie Jr.High.

Before Ms.Jordiin was a teacher here at Dobie, she was an accountant. “I first realized I wanted to be a teacher when a colleague of mine didn’t know how to write an email correctly,” said Ms.Jordiin ,” I couldn’t be mad at the situation unless I was willing to contribute,” she said. 

Her favorite social studies topic is, “learning how people in the past faced challenges of their day, and realizing how similar these challenges are to our day.” 

But the students are her favorite part of her day. “Getting to know the students. Kids are all unique individuals, who have their own interests and educational needs, it’s fun to watch them grow and develop,” she said.

Her least favorite part about teaching is, “when you feel like you can’t figure out how to help a kid, you know the kid is struggling but you can’t help them, then you feel kind of helpless,” said Ms. Jordiin.

Ms. Jordiin’s students say she is different. Jada Burchett, former student, said, “She’s not like other teachers, she’s helpful and easy to talk to.”

“She always makes class fun and it’s always where I want to be,” said Samarah Sandoval, a 7th grader who’s in Ms.Jordiin’s 6th period class.