Personal view: Why I love Christmas

Personal view: Why I love Christmas

Kaydence Hicks, Staff Reporter

I can hardly believe that it is already December, and December is probably one of the busiest months, not just for me, but for everyone. The reason why it’s one of the busiest months is because December is the month that holds my personal favorite holiday, Christmas!

I have many reasons as to why Christmas is my favorite holiday. The first one is that Christmas break gets us 2 weeks off of school, and an extra day because of New Years! I think that a lot of people like this, even if they don’t celebrate Christmas, because most people like to take time off of school/work and hang out with their family.

The second reason why I love Christmas so much is, of course, the decorations. I love how all of the lights look when you hang them up, and I love decorating the Christmas tree with my family. Whenever all of the decorating if finished, it always looks amazing.

Another reason that I like Christmas is that I love the classic Christmas traditions because they make me excited for Christmas. Some of the traditions that I like are making gingerbread houses, buying gifts for my family, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate, and a lot more.

The final and biggest reason that I love Christmas is that I get to see my family more. This relates back to my first reason because most of my family gets off from work/school for the holidays, and I enjoy hanging out with all of my family.

Whether it’s watching Christmas movies, hanging out with my family, or even realizing that Christmas is almost here, I love the winter season, and I love Christmas.