Personal View:: My two-faced puppy is wild


Jin Seo , Staff Reporter

My dog was very calm when we first time saw him. He looked like a doll and cute to look at and he seems that he didn’t mind with somebody touches him.

He was 2 month old German Shepard mix. He was cute  until I find out he was very wild.

He was very calm until we brought him to the house. Soon as we arrive at the house, he began to shake his body, showing the signal let him go.. We did let him go and he began to run around like a beagle.. He was very hard to care of.

He didn’t like people holding him..(We can’t hold him anymore.. He is too heavy for that) and because of his teeth was itching, he was biting all of our furniture and our hands.

We bought him a fence that we can put inside the house. We thought it would keep him stay in the area we let him while we have some lunch or dinner. We can’t watch him while we have dinner or lunch. It was a metal fence that had holes so he can watch the outside of the fence. After we set up inside the fence, putting pillow and other stuff inside the fence, we let him go inside the fence.

First time when he got in there, we whined and barked at us another signal to let him get out of there. We just ignored him and he just putted his paw into the holes at the fence and climbed up the fence. It was very shocking to us that a dog is climbing the fence and he was just a 3 month old pup. He got all kind of scratches from the fence and we change the plastic fence that does not have holes or other thing to escape from it and now he was pushing the fence, and walking through the living room.

The other fences didn’t work for him also. It was impossible to stop my dog from making any such of trouble when we are eating. Later we bought a cage to put him inside. The cage, he was biting the cage and stare at us, and now he is used to the cage and he does not go into the cage or if I put him inside the cage he starts to whine and bark at us.
I  think it is impossible to make calm.