Personal View: My Once in a Lifetime Winter Wonderland Experience

Personal View: My Once in a Lifetime Winter Wonderland Experience

Angel Pham, Staff Reporter

It was about six o’clock, December 7th 2017 When I received a call from my little cousin shouting, “Angel it’s snowing outside!” That’s when I opened my front door so fast and I saw a winter wonderland. It was my first time ever seeing snow, so I called out my little brother and rushed upstairs and grabbed the thickest pair of clothes and hurried outside in my backyard.

The trees were covered with snow and not a patch of grass was seen. There were snowball fights, snow angels, and snowmen. There was a moment when I just laid in the snow and let snowflakes fall onto my face. I felt like a six year old and there was no way I could think about any of my actions it was just a beautiful sight and a well remembered experience for me and everyone that got to experience this not so often time and place.

There wasn’t a reason why was so excited either it was like nothing mattered in the world as if god blessed us with the sight we’ve seen and would never forget. Around nine o’clock it stopped snowing and I can’t say that I was happy about it either, My first experience with snow was coming to an end. Wishing that school would get canceled so we could play in the snow once we wake up.

The next morning my alarmed went off and I was informed that school wasn’t cancelled and that we wouldn’t be able to play in the snow. I opened my blinds and the most beautiful sights appeared, a bright enough sky that you could see all the land ahead and trees covered in snow and the rooftops pure white.

On my ride to school it was impossible to keep my eyes off the views I saw, normally I’d be on my phone or listening to the radio but this day was different. During passing period no one could stop looking out the window in the hallways. Most of my friends couldn’t stop talking about it too, it’s not surprising who knows how long it’s been since it snowed in Texas.

This day was an alarm. The alarm that reminded us that it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.