Girls’ basketball season is upon us!


Lilly Avila, Staff Reporter


Girls’ basketball is finally here. Lady Cougars have been waiting for this time of year since the end of last year’s basketball season.


Girls’ basketball tryouts were held from October 31- November 2 in the mornings and afternoons.


This year, Dobie has added a C team, coached by Coach Hadas.


Eighth grade is mainly coached by Coach Valenzuela and assisted by Coach Dierschke. Seventh grade’s head coach is Coach Niblett with the

help of Coach Adame.


Their very first game of the season was on November 8th. Both games were away at Corbett Junior High.


Unfortunately, the Dobie girls basketball teams only have a few home games against other schools.There are 3 games for the 8th graders and 5  for 7th graders.


“Today in practice, we did conditioning. It was easy because of Cross Country,” said by 7th grader, Alexia Barrera. Basketball takes commitment and hard work.


JaChona Owen, an 8th grader, earned a spot on the A team. “I work harder than some of the other people,” she says.