Game review: Splatoon was a gamer changer for Nintendo


Ariana Rojas, Staff reporter



Splatoon is a third person shooter which was originally released for the wii u in May of  2015.

Everyone was blown away when they put out the game since it was definitely a huge step from their usual mustached icon.


Now I will be talking about both the original and sequel since they have a lot of similarities.

First off when you start up the game you pick your inkling it being a girl or boy and the hairstyle then it puts you into a training course for the basics and then you’re off!


Now splatfests are a seasonal thing that happens usually every month they have two choices or teams that you can pick from. The hosts of the splatfests are Marie and Callie in the first one, and Pearl and Marina in the sequel. These pop stars each pick a side during the festival. You battle it out in game to determine who the winner is. The way the score is finalized is the overall popularity of the team and how many wins your team ranked up during the event.


The other parts that make up splatoon is the story mode where in the original you are agent 3 and in the second you are agent 4 and salmon run which is only in splatoon 2. In the story mode the zapfish, the main power source to inkopolis has been stolen and it is your job to fight off octolings and return the zapfish to its rightful place.For salmon run you team up with three other inklings to go and collect fish eggs for your employer Mr.Grizz. While the job may be a bit sketchy it does give you bonuses and in game currency.


I have had splatoon 2 for about a month now and all I can say is that I really enjoy the game and I can definitely see the improvement in the second one.