Christmas into ‘Crisismas’

Damian Caballero, Copy Editor

Now, most of us know that Christmas is one of the hardest holidays to do anything. From decorations to presents to the party or the people invited.


Guests, the definition of a guest is a a person who is invited to visit the home of or take part in a function organized by another. If you are like me, you host most of your families events and reunions, and most of the time it’s hard to know who to invite. Almost all families have that one couple with an uncontrollable kid that annoys everyone in the party, or that one grandma that likes to ruin the definition of fun for everyone in the party, and there’s that one cousin that everyone adores but you hate. Most of the time choosing your guests for the party becomes a crisis.


Decorations,decorations can really set the mood whether you want it calm and relaxed. You can have warm lights, candles, and scents while the adults drink wine and have a discussion while the kids watch a movie or play videogames and the teens are outside. You can also have disco lights and confetti with loud music and people dancing all over the place with plastic cups on the floor. Decorations are important and even though they may not work sometimes it’s a crisis choosing decorations.


Location, sometimes people try to avoid making their house look like tornadoes hit their living room, which makes it hard to decide where you want the party to be. The logical answer is to have someone else host the party, but sometimes families like to take turns for people hosting parties. Some people decide to just do it at their house and bare the pain of cleaning cupcake crumbs out of the refrigerator and cleaning frosting off their poor innocent dog. Sometimes people decide to rent a party hall which is usually kind of expensive and then they have to buy the food still and still have to clean up afterwards but at least come home to a clean house.


Some Families like to make things simple, and some just so happen to take weeks to plan. Some don’t take it seriously and others treat it like it’s the last thing they’ll do. One thing is for sure though, Christmas is a crisis.