Personal View: My Christmas plans


JaChona Owen, Staff Reporter

Before Christmas comes, me and my family plan on decorating our house with a spot projector. We are still debating on whether or not we want to put some lights on our house. I started decorating the tree already. I also put some decorations inside my house too. We stopped decorating our house ever since we came to Texas. Now we just set up our Christmas tree.

So every year me and my aunts’ families get together and do Secret Santa. We can only spend 20 dollars max. We exchange gifts either on Christmas or Christmas Eve every year. Me and 3 of my cousins can never not tell each other who we got for secret Santa. Even if we have each other we always tell each other who we have.

Almost every year our families get together and have dinner on Christmas. This year I believe we are going to have dinner together, but I’m still not 100% sure yet. No matter what, we see each other during the Christmas break because none of us go anywhere for Christmas break. We have a baking contest based on Christmas. I sometimes end up winning the contest and then other times I don’t win. I still love competing even if I don’t win all the time.

This year I don’t really want anything for Christmas. I only want a plush blanket and an Iphone 7 or 6. I usually get candy almost every year, so that can’t really be a gift I want. The gift I always get for Christmas is being able to hang out with my family after opening gifts. That is a gift I would only ask for, if I moved to California or back to Arizona.

My mom told me and my siblings we will probably only get one gift for Christmas this year. We want to give some gifts or money to charity. I am really excited because this is the first time we have given to charity on Christmas. Even though I won’t get many presents I still am happy because it’s for charity.