Personal view on how midterms are stressful for students and teachers By: Kenyon Portela


Kenyon Portela , author


      Personal view on how midterms are stressful  for students and teachers

By: Kenyon Portela

Midterms, sitting in a desk trying to use your brain for 2+ hours. You stress yourself out for a whole week worrying before the test even starts. Including teachers having to take shifts walking around the classroom and hallways.

Then the teachers get stressed out because they think they taught us the right things. Then you have the students that like to cheat on the test. They get the good grades even though we did all the work.


Some students also stay up late studying and stress their brains out even more then how they are during the test. Some of us might not be able or even want to study and they get stressed too worrying about how they’ll  do on the test.


There are 9 Harmful effects of test induced

  1. Heavy Drinking,Drug or Tobacco use ; a feeling of being overwhelmed with multiple test causes students to use drugs.(Kaplan)
  2. Weight issues; from the fresh 15 to eating disorders. Weight issues are common effect on stress.(Kaplan)
  3. Dropping out; Roughly 50% of college students that joined college  do not finish college do to stress of the midterms.(Kaplan)  
  4. depression/anxiety; A feeling of despair or dread is common in students taking a test.(Kaplan)
  5. Physical health;stress can make students have headaches,high blood  pressure,and heart problems.(Kaplan)
  6. Sleep issues; stress can cause to lose sleep.(Kaplan)
  7. Compromised immune system;stressed college students get more sick than their friends because stress system brings down the immune system.(Kaplan)
  8. symptoms; stress can cause a variety cognitive problems.(Kaplan)  
  9. emotional/behavioral symptoms;stress can prove extremely frustrating and causes you to make poor judgement.(Kaplan)